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My name is Nidhi Bhanot. I am certified yoga trainer. I have done 1-year diploma in Yog Vidya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. I have done 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course. I have 3 years of experience in taking private yoga classes. I am MBA in HR and earlier used to work in a corporate sector.

Earlier I used to think yoga as one of the forms of exercise but as I gained deeper knowledge of yoga, I learned that yoga works on all aspects of person psychologically, emotionally, mentally, physically and emotionally.

It has been 3 years teaching yoga, I have learned a lot by giving classes to my students.I started learning yoga for my health and felt inclined towards teaching yoga as by doing yoga I gained health and inner peace so I thought through my classes I will be able to improve people’s life also.I feel blessed that I am able to provide some value to people’s life.

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Taking Yoga Beyond
The Mat Training

“When you practice yoga once a week, you change your mind.
When you practice yoga twice a week, you change your body.
When you practice yoga every day, it will change your life”.