Yoga in Delhi.


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Yoga is the ancient Indian system of harmonizing body, mind and self. It stands for combining or merging of the individual consciousness or Atmaa into the universal self which is called Parmaatmaa. In this course yoga tends to work on all the aspects of an individuals personality, bringing about a balance in functioning of all the systems and improving the quality of life.
Anybody and everybody can adopt the practice of yoga irrespective of needs, age, conditions, sex, creed or colour. Yoga can be used to keep the physical body in a natural state of health and functioning preventing any disorders and can be used as a cure to certain diseases. It can be very well used for attaining metal calmness and tranquility which brings about a balanced state of emotions channelizing the energy into constructive purposes enhancing the efficiency of the individual.
In yoga doing by doing asanas, pranayama and following balanced diet one is able to realease blockages from the body and pranic flow becomes active.As a result body start functioning peoperly as different body parts becomes harmonised. Through meditation mind becomec calm and together it helps in weight loss. Weight is loss is a gradual process in Yoga..
Our classes and talks go over many topics including Ayurvedic lifestyle, the eight limbed approach to life (ashtanga yoga) and teachings on the entire field of yoga. The asana classes are focused mainly on Hatha Yoga and if you are familiar with the contemporary vinyasa flow it will feel very natural to you.
When one follows yoga programme under expert yoga teacher. One will realise that by proper asana, pranayama, meditation and satvik diet one body start to feel changes in itself. Diffrenet bodily functions comes into harmony and by doing asanas acording to ones diseases one is able to reaease energy blockages in body. The nadis in the body are purified , toxins are realeased and one starts moving towards curing their diseases through theraputic yoga.